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19 Март 2011

This is a Sailor Moon Fighting Game that I customized the screenpack. The real software is a game named Mugen (you can search Google for information). All the characters are not only Sailor Moon's charcaters but also from Street Fighter, King Of Fighter, Guilty Gear, Dragon Balls, Red Earth, etc. But in this video I only show you 5 sailors ( from Sakuraka, akagiK and Jeffy Ting - I just edited some techniques,attack's animation and the lifebar). About the techniques: 1. SAILOR VENUS - Venus Love-me Chain (Whip) - Venus Kick - Venus Love And Beauty Shock - Rolling Heart Vibration - Crescent Beam - Crescent Beam Shower - Venus Charm Illusion - Venus Wink Chain Sword - Venus Love-me Chain (Anime) 2. SAILOR JUPITER - Flower Hurricane - Jupiter Kick - Throwing Road Roller - Sparkling Wide Pressure - Jupiter Suicide - Jupiter Oak Evolution - Supreme Thunder - Supreme Thunder Dragon - Jupiter's Anger 3. SAILOR MERCURY - Glacial Launcher - Shine Aqua Cutter - Mirage Wave - Shabon Spray - Shabon Spray Freezing - Mercury Poisoning 4. SAILOR MARS - Akuryou Taisan - Fire Soul - Fire Soul Bird - Mars Flame Sniper - Fire Soul (R Movie) - Burning Mandala - Mars Flame Dance 5. SAILOR MOON - Super Sonic Wave - Sailor Moon Kick - Moon Twilight Flash - Moon Tiara Action - Fire Soul + Shabon Spray + Moon Tiara Action - Moon Sparkling Sensation THANKS FOR WATCHING!! ^_^ P/s. Sorry about no voice, I used Camstudio it can't record sound :( And also because of many techniques, I can't remember all of them. The techniques I forget are: Mars's Calling Fobos & Demos and Burning Mandala Spell
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